I'm Aerin Maria, I live in Bath, England and I am currently nineteen years old. I like to watch live theatre and movies about superheroes and I really enjoy Game of Thrones. I also enjoy drinking pear cider outside in the bitter cold, writing in a warm living room with a hot chocolate and directing behind a red show curtain.

I want to live in a forest by the sea and listen to the owls hoot at midnight whilst the waves crash against rocks. I really love Sarah Kane, architecture, gaming and tattoos. I also like play writing, animation and Greek mythology. I am truly loved by a beautiful man, he is my sun and stars and I am his moon and sky.

My Chemical Romance gives me hope.



Please follow me because i'm sad and lonely and post stuff everyone likes. ♥

I’ve really needed these two this week and like the amazing people they are, they were there for me! I love and miss them so much. The best housemates in the universe. @kelsbelzzz ♡ #bestfriends #uni #housemates #badweeklol #mentreatmelikeshit #battingfortheotherteam #girls #gay #glasses #redhead #nightsout #clubbing #missthem #lovethem #me

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