I'm Aerin Maria, I live in Bath, England and I am currently nineteen years old. I like to watch live theatre and movies about superheroes and I really enjoy Game of Thrones. I also enjoy drinking pear cider outside in the bitter cold, writing in a warm living room with a hot chocolate and directing behind a red show curtain.

I want to live in a forest by the sea and listen to the owls hoot at midnight whilst the waves crash against rocks. I really love Sarah Kane, architecture, gaming and tattoos. I also like play writing, animation and Greek mythology. I also want to feel loved once in my existence and to be someone's moon.

My Chemical Romance gives me hope.



Please follow me because i'm sad and lonely and post stuff everyone likes. ♥

I’ve really needed these two this week and like the amazing people they are, they were there for me! I love and miss them so much. The best housemates in the universe. @kelsbelzzz ♡ #bestfriends #uni #housemates #badweeklol #mentreatmelikeshit #battingfortheotherteam #girls #gay #glasses #redhead #nightsout #clubbing #missthem #lovethem #me

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